Turn any website into an automated membership site.
No coding required.

We make it easy to automate membership from sign-up to cancellation so you can scale your online business while you snooze on the beach.

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We integrate with Stripe, the best payment processor for online business.


Hosted Forms

With our hosted forms, your customers can securely log in to self-manage their subscriptions from your website with Stripe Customer Portal.

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Payment Links

Create Stripe Payment Links in our app. Link any text or button on your website or in emails or social media posts to offer Stripe Checkout in seconds. Stripe Payment Links replace Stripe Checkout code with a simple link that works almost anywhere.

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Stripe Checkout

Use our drop-in scripts to embed "customer-aware" Stripe Checkout buttons into your website with no coding required.

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Customer Portal

Easily add Stripe Customer Portal to your website with no coding required so customers can self-manage subscriptions.

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Customer-Aware Checkout Buttons

Provide the best experience for your customers and avoid duplicate customer records with our customer-aware Stripe Checkout buttons which are integrated with Stripe Customer Portal.

Your app is the most wonderful thing on the internet! It has changed my business prospects and enabled me to start taking subscription payments without needing any outside professional assistance. My business is doing so well as a results of using your app. Thank you so much for your amazing creation!

Kerry H.

Paid Members App Customer

Being a small business owner can be really tough sometimes, and with your help, it makes things a lot easier. Excellent Support Staff! Love The App!

Xavier C.

Paid Members App Customer

THANK YOU for providing a simple way to connect my products and offer my customers a recurring options. I LOVE not having to do all the HTML code that your app does for us business owners! AMAZING customer service! You have a great thing going and we appreciate all your help in offering this!


Paid Members App Customer

We have been using this app for 3 years and built a substantial business using this amazing app. We have turned our subscription-based business into an easier and more manageable client interface. The consistent and continual support...is world class. [We] will be a Paid Members App user for life.

Marius L.

Paid Members App Customer

I highly recommend this app for easy automation of members AND for the recurring billing option...! It all flows perfectly and is exactly what I've been looking for to expand what I offer my clients. Thank you!!!

Vivienne G.

Paid Members App Customer

Actual 5-star reviews from our delighted customers.

We started out with an app in the Weebly® App Store in 2016 and soon became one of their highest-rated apps. In 2020, we decided to bring our app to the world!

  • 5-star rated in the app store
  • Now available for any website builder!

We make taking payments easy. And fun to set up.

We have an easy-to-use app so you can connect your website to Stripe in minutes with our Setup Checklist to help guide you through each step.

Connect any standard Stripe account in seconds.

Connect your Stripe account easily. We use Stripe Connect so all your Customers and Subscriptions are securely created in your standard Stripe Account.


We offer full membership functionality.

We started off as a membership plugin so if you have members-only pages on your website, we've got you covered. Easily lock down your members-only pages to offer online courses or other digital content and restrict access to members. Our My Account form provides an easy way for customers to log in and access any members-only pages.

Everything just works!

We use the Stripe API (so you don't have to). We are Stripe experts and we've been solving complex issues with the Stripe API for many years now. This means that when you use our custom Stripe Checkout Code, we make sure everything works seamlessly (whether you are creating subscriptions or one-time payments) so your customers have the best experience.

Works with Stripe, the most loved payment processor for online business.
Works with any of these website builders:
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We love building payment options...

All the payment options you need to grow!

SSL Encryption

Full SSL encryption throughout the checkout process. Browsers interact with the app over HTTPS.

SCA Compliant

SCA Compliant Checkout is available for European cards to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) PSD2 EU regulations.

PCI Compliant

Certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Free Trial Periods

Offer free trial period of any duration up to 1 year, typically 7, 14 or 30 days. Collect a credit card upon signup and cards are charged unless the customer cancels.

Installment Plans

You can charge any amount with any number of installments and billing stops after the final installment. For example, you may have an online course that is $1000 for a one-time purchase but you want to offer an option of 3 monthly installments of $349.

Coupon Codes

Create unlimited coupon codes. Offer either a percentage discount or a fixed amount discount. Coupons can be good only on the first subscription charge, good forever, or valid for a given number of months. You can limit the date range when customers can redeem a coupon or limit the number of times a coupon can be redeemed.

One-time Setup Fees

Add a one-time setup fee to a recurring subscription. For example, you may want a add a $100 setup fee to a $39/mo subscription so the first charge is $139 and each monthly charge is $39/mo. We've got you covered!

Collect Shipping Address

If you are shipping a physical product, you can easily collect shipping details at time of payment.

Billing Anchors

Want to charge all your customers on the 1st or 15th of the month or only on June 1st for an annual subscription. You can charge on any day or date of the month rather than the default which is to charge the customer on the date they signed up.

One-Time Payment Buttons

Create payment buttons for one-time charges in our app and embed them into your website. No coding required! Just copy and paste using our no-code payment button generator.


Create payment buttons for recurring subscription charges in our app and embed them into your website. No coding required! Just copy and paste using our no-code payment button generator.

Stripe Billing

If you upgraded to Stripe Billing, you can use all the new features of Stripe Billing like promo codes on Stripe's New Checkout and Stripe's Customer Portal that allows customers to upgrade and downgrade their account and any options you define in your Stripe account without having the hire a software developer.

Apply Fixed Tax Rates

If you always charge the same tax rate, you can lock in that tax rate and apply tax to any of your payments.

Stripe Tax

Stripe now can automatically calculate tax rates for you without you having to upload individual tax rates. If you have Stripe Tax, you can create payments that automatically calculate tax based on your customer's shipping or billing address.

Dynamic Tax Rates

If you want to define specific tax rates based on the customer's address, you can use dynamic tax rates that apply the right tax rate based on your pre-defined tax rates in your Stripe Account. If that sounds too hard, just upgrade to Stripe's new Stripe Tax product and Stripe will do all the work for you - no need to define tax rates in your Stripe account.

We've been at this for a while...

All the features you love and no coding required!

Get Paid First

Our app is integrated directly into the payment flow so you get paid first! Then, the customer can fill out a signup form. This reduces cart abandonment and gets you paid, first.

Customer Portal

Your customers can log in and cancel, update their credit card number, upgrade or downgrade with our included customer portal. You can also upgrade to the new Stripe® Customer Portal (optional) if you have Stripe Billing®.


We integrate with Stripe, the most loved payment processor for online businesses.

Drip Content*

Unlock content over time instead of giving out the entire course at once you can easily drip out parts of your members-only content on a schedule you define. *Currently available for our Weebly App Store app. Coming soon for our main app.

Custom Signup Fields

Collect custom information from your customers in your signup form. You can add dropdowns, checkbox, etc.

Custom Form Builder

Our Login and Signup Forms are customizable. Easily add a Terms of Service link to your signup form, remove the signup option from your login form, update the title, and buttons. Want the Login button to say "Shazam!" instead of "Login". Done!

Custom Buttons

Regardless of the website builder you are using, we want your payments to integrate smoothly with the rest of your website so you can match the button styles of your theme by using our custom button code so your payment buttos match the styles of all the buttons on your website. Or, you can choose to use the default Stripe® or PayPal® buttons - it's 100% up to you!

Import and Export Members

Do you have existing members? You can easily import them! Do you need to export your members. Sure, export them to .csv.

100% Portability

You own your Stripe® customers so although we want you to stay with us forever, if you ever want to break up, you can take your customers with you. They are your customers and all their credit card information is securely stored in Stripe® for ease of portability.

Frequently asked questions.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

A custom Stripe integration requires you to either be, or hire, a developer. Our goal is to make Stripe available to non-technical people like you (and for smart developers who want to save time too) so you can easily integrate any of Stripe's features. All you need is a free standard Stripe account and we can help you connect your existing website to everything Stripe.

You can easily create a free standard Stripe account at Stripe.com. We use Stripe Connect to connect to your standard Stripe account.

Having a standard Stripe account gives you all the benefits of Stripe's newest features such as Stripe Customer Portal which allows your customers to easily manage their own subscriptions (update cards, download receipts, and even...gasp...cancel) and Stripe Checkout, as well as offering alternative payment methods from Afterpay and Klarna to WeChat Pay (anything offered by Stripe in your standard Stripe account). In addition, we have an integrated Stripe Checkout code generator so you can easily create custom Stripe Checkout code to create payment buttons that do exactly what you want if you don't have a software developer and you want to seamlessly integrate Stripe's products in ways that Stripe Payment Links cannot currently do (see notes below on why we don't recommend Stripe Payment Links - yet!).

As a standard Stripe account owner, you can rely on Stripe support to directly assist you with any issues related to your account and you can utilize all of their reporting features. Learn more about Stripe standard accounts

Yes, we offer real-time chat support, and email support is available 24/7. In addition, we offer a one-time complimentary 30-minute one-on-one Zoom screensharing session to every paid customer to help you onboard.

Yes, we offer an unlimited 10-day free trial with all of our features and no credit card required.

Yes, we charge a 1% transaction fee on our Entrepreneur Plan and on our discounted Starter Plan we add a 3% transaction fee. This is in addtion to any Stripe® charges which are typically 2.9% + 30 cents.

Yes! It's fine if you just want to use our app to sell subscriptions. In fact, we are the easiest, best, and "no-code" way to use Stripe Checkout®. Just set up a Stripe account, connect to us using Stripe Connect® and you can instantly create subscription payment buttons and embed them into your website. So if you deliver a monthly subscription box, a physical shipped box, or service delivered in person we are a great solution!

For member directories, please try a Facebook® group or some of the solutions like Mighty Networks®. If you are looking to create a member community forum or directory, other solutions would work best.

We are a web application (i.e. a "web app") so you can find us right here on the internet and the internet is still the best place to build and run a membership website. You can access our site from anywhere on the Earth within any web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).