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The fastest, easiest way to create paid membership sites without Wordpress™.
Welcome to the Paid Members App™ available in the Weebly™ App Store.

Now with recurring subscriptions (NEW!!!) - sell monthly or annual subscriptions and even offer free trial periods.
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How it Works


Get Paid Members

For the first time in the history of the Universe, you can make a paid member site with a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop website builder - and not only any WYSIWYG editor - Weebly™...the easiest and fastest WYSIWYG editor on the market.

Making money has never been this easy and this fun!

Paid Members

Give Instant Access

Your members get instant access to your paid membership areas as soon as they make the purchase instead of having to literally wait around for you to manually add them.

Instant Access

Enjoy Less Work

You might enjoy running to your computer at 2am like a Pavlovian canine when you receive an email that a customer just purchased a membership, but I sure don't.

Wouldn't it be so much nicer to stay in bed and know that the whole process is handled for you?

Less Work


Now you can create paid membership areas in Weebly™. Your customers can receive instant access to your membership groups as soon as they complete their purchase.

Just install our app and for any product in your store, you can associate one or more of your membership groups. When your customer purchases that product, she is instantly added as a member to your site, sent an email invitation, and provided access to your chosen groups.

Your customers won't have to wait around for you to manually add their email to the backend of your Weebly website via you copying-and-pasting their email into the members section of the settings area after you receive the order confirmation email from Weebly™ anymore. They now have instant access to your paid membership area.

This app is great for paid membership areas, paid online tutorials, courses etc. The app does not do recurring payments - Weebly™ does not yet authorize these.

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Where do I install the app?

Install the app from within your Weebly™ website.

Is there an iPhone or Android version of this app?

No. This app is in the Weebly™ app store and extends the functionality of your Weebly™ website.

What are the benefits of this app?

You can sell online tutorials, info-products (e.g. ebooks and video tutorials) and your customers will have instant access to the content (rather than waiting around for you to add them manually on the backend of your site). This allows you to scale your website and sell more products without any additional demands on your time so you can create passive income through your Weebly™ website.

What are the requirements to use this app?

  • Weebly™ - this is a Weebly app so you need to have a Weebly™ website
  • Business Plan - this app helps you with memberships so you need to upgrade to the Weebly™ business plan to have memberships and a shopping cart
  • Groups - this app helps you add users to your membership groups, so you would need at least one (1) group
  • Products - this app adds users to your memberships groups when they purchase your products so you need at least one (1) product
  • Allow Users to Register with Your Site - make sure to activate a registration option for your site, by going to Settings > Members and clicking the "Allow people to register with your site" checkbox. Details on Weebly here.

How many Membership Rules can I set up?

You can set up unlimited Membership Rules.

How many groups can I set up against which I associate Membership Rules?

You can set up unlimited groups.

How many products can I set up against which I associate Membership Rules?

You can set up unlimited products.

If I create a new group in my Weebly™ account, will the app know?

The app will know as soon as you log in through the "Manage" button in SETTINGS > "My Apps" on your Weebly™ website - you can instantly create new rules that will give access to any group(s) when a user buys any product(s).

Does the app facilitate recurring payments?

We are excited to announce that with our April 2017 update, the app now offers recurring payments - Weeblyâ„¢ does not yet authorize these through the Weebly shopping cart, but we've added a nifty Stripe™ integration so you can offer Stripe™ subscriptions. You're customers won't need to leave your website to create credit card payments in your app to set up recurring subscription payments. You can offer all the following options:

  • Monthly recurring subscriptions with automatic billing every 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months etc.
  • Annual subscriptions with automatic billing every year
  • Free trial periods (7-day, 14-day, 30-day etc.)

We will renew your customers in the app every time they renew their subscription and we will remove them from the app, notifying you and the customer when we do so if they fail to renew their subscription.

Does the app facilitate cancellation of recurring payments?

You have to cancel your own customer from within Stripe™ easy-to-use website and the app will be notified immediately and will remove your member's access from the member area for you.

If I deleted a Weebly™ product and I still have rules set up for that product, what happens?

If you delete a Weebly™ product with associated rules, we will automatically delete the rules and send you a confirmation email to let you know that we cleaned up your rules for you.

If I delete a product and make a new product with the same name, will the rule apply?

No, each product in Weebly has an ID and that's what your rule is based on. If you delete a product, we will be notified and we will delete all the rules associated with that product to avoid any confusion since the old rules are for a product that no longer exists. We will send you an email reminder to create a new rule with the new product. Remember, even if you create a new product with the same name, that new product will have a different unique ID then the first product so you have to create a new rule for the new product. So just create new rules after you create the new product.

How do I cancel?

To cancel, just uninstall the app and we will cancel your account.

When does the free trial end?

Our free trial lasts for seven (7) days to give you time to set up rules and test the app. You might want to create a discount code and purchase your own products to see what the user experience will be like when your clients purchase your products.

What happens if someone asks for a refund of one of my products - do you delete their group access automatically?

No. The app can only add your customers to groups. If someone wants a refund, simply revoke their access from the settings section of your Weebly™ account manually.

How do you calculate the total members stat on the dashboard card that appears on my Weebly™ account?

Total members is calculated based on the total number of unique members you have (based on their unique email address).

How do you calculate the total amount sold stat on the dashboard card that appears on my Weebly™ account?

Total amount sold is calculated based on the total dollar value (exclusive of any coupons used at time of sale) for the products sold for which you had a membership rule set up when the sale was made. If the user purchased multiple products in one order, some of which had membership rules associated and some of which did not, we only include the products which have membership rules associated.

I have a great idea for your app or questions about the app - who should I contact?

Email us at